Nitrogen Pumping

Nitrogen Pumping Unit Southwest Oilfield Products , Inc. offers a low-cost, high-quality nitrogen pumping and vaporizing unit for the full range of well maintenance and work-over applications.

Our trailer-mounted unit is completely self-contained and climate-controlled. Engineered for performance, our Nitrogen Pumping units utilize the most advanced and dependable components for triplex, cold-ends, liquid nitrogen centrifugal pumps and manual, electrical and pneumatic valves to keep your operation running smoothly and productive.

The onboard storage vessel has a capacity of 3,000 gallons of liquid nitrogen to meet the demands of even the largest well service projects.

Along with ample nitrogen capacity, our user friendly control panel has many value added features to help operators run the unit as efficiently as possible.

Control panel features include:

  • Pressure monitoring
  • Flow monitoring
  • Data recording
  • Laptop charting
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