Power Transmission Belts

Belts on truckSouthwest Oilfield Products has teamed up Optibelt - USA to provide our global customer base with the highest quality, power transmission belts on the market. These belts are manufactured with precision quality standards at every step from rubber compounding to cord binding to fabric wrap and vulcanization.

Our maintenance-free belts are suitable for a variety of industrial applications and provide numerous value-added benefits including:

  • Belts will not need to be re-tensioned throughout their lifespan.
  • Fiber elastomer reinforced core resists warping and provides additional protection from shock loads.
  • Rubber impregnated wrapped fabric increases grip strength so it can transfer additional power.

Belt Manufacturing Capabilities

47.5 - 150 in.
50 - 150 in.
50 - 315 in.
56 - 355 in.
100 - 475 in.
100 - 475 in.


In addition to providing power transmission belts, Southwest Oilfield Products also offers belt installation services along with maintenance and installation tools. These maintenance tools include laser alignment, laser tensioning, and belt measuring and tensioning kit.