Bug Blowers

Southwest Oilfield Products is proud to offer a full-line of bug blowers which are available in 24 or 48 inch models.   

24" Bug Blower 


The 24" Bug Blower stands 3' 4" tall and is 48" wide, the fan housing is 28" in diameter x 18 1/2" wide (made of rolled 1/8" angle iron & 16 gauge sheet iron), the fan blade is 24" cast aluminum (4 blade.) The base is 48" x 24" made of 4" "C" Channel 1/4" thick.


This unit also come equipped with a US Motor 230/460 Volt 2hp / 1765 RPM Explosion Proof electric motor. The electric cable is a Carol 4/ C 10 AWG 600 Volt.



48" Bug Blower


The 48" Bug Blower stands 6' tall with a 28" base and 50" wide. The fan housing is 50" in Diameter made of rolled 1/8" angle iron & 16 gauge sheet iron. The fan blades are 48" cast aluminum, and the gaurds are 49" "D" stainless steel grate.


They also come standard with an Explosion Proof US Motor (230/460 Volt, 3hp, 1800 RPM, & 60Hz), Electric box (AB 609-BEW), and Electric Cable (Carol 4/C AWG 600 Volt.)




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