Zirconia Liners

Advanced Zirconia Liners are significantly harder than hardened steel liners, and are tougher than any otherceramic available. The ceramic used in these liners are extremely resistant to corrosion and heat.

Zirconia is more than 25% harder than Chromium alloys which results in asignificantly lower wear rate oftheliner sleeve.  Considering the smoother surface, piston life is greatly extended.  In a past case study, apump with Chromium liners used 55 pistons over the test period compared to only 12 pistons used in the pump outfitted with Zirconia liners.  Piston savings along exceeded $8,000 not to mention reduced maintenance downtime.


Traditional liner hourly cost is approximately $1.05 per hour, while Zirconia Liners are approximately $.23 per hour.


Triplex Grayloy Liners


For use in today’s higher pressure and faster stroking triplex pumps, Grayloy liners are made of the highest quality high-chrome premium alloy steel. They are manufactured to provide maximum runs at minimal cost.



Quick-Change Hydraulic Liner Retainer

Increased safety and faster change-outs is the hallmark of Southwest Oilfield’s quick-change hydraulic liner retention system. Our patented design eliminates the need for hammers and wrenches without compromising sealing or alignment of the liner.

















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