Mud Buckets & Hoppers

Mud BucketsMud Bucket

Safety is paramount in a drilling environment and our high quality Mud Buckets provide an efficient and effective means of keeping rig floors dry which reduces slip hazards. Our manual Mud Buckets feature a quick opening and closing latch assembly and feature a durable rubber seal that is highly resistant to the damage caused by oil-based mud. 

Mud Bucket Specs
Seal Sizes (inches)
3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0
Diameter (inches)
10.75 inches
Height (ft)
6 ft.


Mud Hoppers


To  ease the task of  accurately mixing additives into drilling fluids, Southwest is pleased to offer a 6" Mud Hopper.  Constructed of high quality plate steel, this unit is capable of a mud flow rate of 1100 - 1400 gallons per minute. This reliable, low-pressure unit utilizes 40 - 60 psi from the mud 6 inch Mud Hoppersystem's centrifugal pumps for operation and features an easily adjustable butterfly valve to control the mixing rate of 400 - 600 lbs of solids per minute.   


Key Features include:


  • Low Pressure Design (40 - 60 psi)
  • High Volume Fluid Capacity (1100 - 1400 GPM)
  • Solids Feed Rate 400 - 600 lbs/min
  • 6 inch neck
  • Adjustable Butterfly Valve
  • 1.75 inch bore jet nipple


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