Pulsation Dampeners & Suction Stabilizers

Southwest Oilfield Products is proud to offer a full-line of Pulsation Dampener Solutions. Our PD series dampeners are available in 5 , 10 & 20 gallon models and are rated for 5000 or 7500psi. Installed on the mud pump strainers cross, these gas charged drilling dampeners provide optimum performance and dampening of flow variation pulsations generated by the mud pump. Key features include:

  • Nitrile (NBR), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR or HSN) and Urethane diaphragms available
  • Lifting ears on cover plate OD ease handling and increases safety
  • ASME U-1A code stamp standard
  • ABS and DNV certifications available
  • Short, compact and top repairable design
  • 4-1/16" API Type RTJ connections
  • 316SS or Inconel groove inlays available
  • All fasteners provided with corrosion resistant coatings
  • Protected charging valve and pressure gauge - no single point lift on dust cover
  • High precharge capability provides excellent dampening performance
  • Use of dampener extends power end and fluid end expendable parts life

Suction Stabilizers

  • 2400 & 4800 Cubic Inch Volumes Rated to 150 psig
  • Top Repairable - Reduces System Downtime
  • Internally & Externally Coated For Corrosion Protection
  • Large Volume and Largest Unrestricted Piping Connection (6" - 14")
  • NBR, HNBR / HSN, EPDM and XRE Cartridges and TFE Liners Available
  • Higher Performance From Large Gas Volumes
  • Increases Life on Reciprocating Pump Fluid


For more information on Southwest Oilfield's Pulsation Dampeners and Suction Stabilizers, or to find out how to purchase these products, please call (713) 675-7541 or visit our Contact Us page.
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